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Both our designers have been trained in Art and Design. One obtained the highest mark in the country for his exam portfolio in his final year. These skills can be put to use for your benefit.
We are a family run business and have been designing and making quality kitchens and furniture for over 28 years. In recent years you may have observed that people have turned away from the cheap, mass-produced and flat-pack ideas and are increasingly opting for higher quality bespoke* cabinetry. This harmonises exactly with the style of your home and does exactly what you want it to do. It has, after all, been designed and made with you alone in mind. Your furniture will continue to look good and give trouble free use for a lifetime. We're happy to be able to provide such a service.
* Bespoke was once the sole domain of the very wealthy. However, handcrafted individually designed furniture is now appealing to a wider and increasingly quality conscious group of homeowners. Though many kitchen suppliers claim to offer a bespoke service, only those of us who make what we fit can really claim to be bespoke. We will show you a portfolio, not a range. What we make for you is unique. We can make your furniture in any style or finish you wish. It won't come out of a box!
Truly outstanding handmade kitchens, bedrooms, and furniture.